Our "Whanau-on-the-Whenua" micro-agri-biz support team

Land owner support kaitiaki


Kaumatua and Rangatira of the Te-Upokorehe Iwi/Hapu, Jim heads up the Iwi's participation in all aspects of the tribes asset development 

Manuka Station Director


Eric holds a lease with the Crown (government) over Kohumaru Station, a former livestock farm now fully covered in regrowth manuka

Pilot nursery owner


Whanarua Bay based Rickson and his whanau own the whenua (land) where the Co-Ops manuka pilot seedling nursery program for the east is based.

Maori whenua legal support


Based in Rotorua with an LLB and specializing in Treaty of Waitangi land issues, Tania provides Jim and his team with legal insight.

Harvesting/extraction ops


Based in Opotiki and drawing on his farming and orchard skills from his South African farming background, Wynand directs ground operations, 

Whanau-on-the-Whenua pilot


Dawn pictured with a National Party Member of Parliament who came to inspect her "Whanau-on-the-Whenua" agri-biz model for Maori landowners 

The team is supported by specialist service providers

Business System Development


A former BIG4 audit firm manager, Nic is President of Colorado based EzyXchange Ltd, the registered crowdfunding intermediary company that developed the Co-Ops business system and capital formation program. Currently acts as the Co-Op's Interim CEO pending the appointment of a NZ based chairman with Co-Op and farming sector experience.

Branded Consumer Products


From her own beauty salons in South Africa to launching a range of skin care products in 3 countries, Linda is developing a range of health, wellness. skin and hair care products for the "177East" and "Tribal" branded consumer products which Linda will launch in the US through a planned Denver distribution hub and plans to open a pilot Maoritanga themed pilot health and wellness pop-up shop as part of the launch package.

Investor Support


Pictured when he filed the EzyXchange Equity-Crowdfunding intermediary application with the Colorado Department of Regulatory Authorities (DORA) Division of Securities in August of 2015, Lucas has gone on to become one of the leading lights in the crowdfunding community in Colorado. A lover of rugby (yes "rugby") Linda will be working with Lucas upon her return to Denver to setup the Co-Op's planned "Spread Group" Series B round. 


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