our mana moana, our mana whenua - our taonga, our capital


Te ika a Maui - Maui and his brothers pulling the north island of Aotearoa up from the depths.

Thousands of Maori owned land-blocks with no ability to raise capital on any of them because of unconstitutional Native Title laws, (illegally passed by a non-constitutionally imposed colonial government to confiscate Maori land),  that have progressively divided title into complex multi-owner fractional ownership. An atavistic 150 year old process that has (unwittingly) laid the base for the introduction of Fractional Title law. A law that through an FT ownership certificate will enable Maori landowners to finally know the true market value of their land, giving them a valuable title that they can use to raise capital from the Maori Whenua Bank. The new name for a privatized Te Tumu Paeroa. A billion dollar plus Maori landowner bank in the offing. One free of Government control that will finally enable Maori to trade in their land in the same way that owners of General land are able to build their farming/agricultural based business enterprise.


Mana Moana

Our fishing assets are being vaporized by the malfeasance based actions of too many elected officials in Maori trusts, incorporations and state created entities. If we are to protect our kai moana assets for future generations, then the current government driven strategy / direction must be replaced with one that accords with Tikanga Maori. Never again must the "non-accounting" for our Mana Moana as (our reserach indicates), has  happened in our rohe be allowed to take place. Millions of dollars in quota still not reflected on our local trust balance sheet since the Fisheries Act quota settlement in 2006. An action /ommission that needs a full investigtation. An act that could be mitigated once the law changes to enforce strict term limits on all elected officials in Maori commercial enterprises. A move that will prevent the rampant nepotism and crony capitalism which is the result of poorly drafted legislation.


Mana Whenua

For over 150 years, the natural resource wealth that grows on Maori whenua has been commercially hi-jacked by disparate non-Maori parties who have paid a pittance back to the customary owners for access and removal of this taonga. Too many of these non-Maori parties are foreigners. Give Maori landowners back their fractionallly held interest as a tradeable asset in their whenua and watch an agricultural renaissance sweep our  nation as Maori re-connect with their whenua for the financial and economic benefit of their whanau.  Under no circumstances must the current proposed changes to the Te Ture Whenua Maori Act be enacted through Parliament as they will only serve to further commercially alienate Maori from their land. An action that will ensure economic whenua deprivation for generations to come by forcing Maori landowners into subservient roles in respect of their own whenua due to lack of access to capital.