Completion of the "12 Steps" opens the door to share trading

In 1912, the legendary Sir Apirana Ngata formed the Waiapu Farmers Company, first east Coast based Co-Op to support Maori freehold landowners in the rohe.Had Sir Apirana had access to the technology of today supported by the Treaty of Waitangi claims process, his commercial kaupapa, (had it not been for the political machinations of the pre WWII era), would have become an intergenerational success story in the evolution of the Co-Op business model in Aotearoa/NZ


The Mataatua Whenua Co-Op holds the vision of Sir Apirana as its mantra in its kaupapa to deliver a $1B PA Grower-Producer owned commercial enterprise within a decade, controlled and owned by both general and Maori freehold landowners as the Transacting Member Shareholders.

The US incorporated "treasury shares" Corp


Incorporated in Colorado, USA this company develops and manages the funding programs required by the Cooperative to fund operations. Its capital structure permits both Grower-Member Shareholders and external investors to participate in the enterprise value growth the Co-Op and its Related Affiliates globally. 

The Aotearoa/NZ Transacting Member Co


Incorporated in Aotearoa/NZ and registered under the New Zealand Cooperative Companies Act 1996, this is the company that enters into 20 year, renewable Product Supply Agreements with landowners for the supply of manuka, kanuka and macadamia oil. 

Share Trading


P2P Trading Eco-System

All share trading in the "Treasury" shares (i.e. the Common Voting Shares) outstanding of NZ Resource Taonga Ltd will be tradeable under SEC Rule 144 when such trading is cleared to commence. This is anticipated to be given mid 2018.

Share Price Discovery

The P2P trading system monetizes, capitalizes and realizes commercialized intellectual property by democratizing access to internet delivered capital through a DIY fintech eco-system supported by a social-centric P2P share price discovery and exit platform for better investment outcomes.

The Trading Platform

This is currently under development. Beta testing is expected to be available for selected members to "test-trade" during Q3 of 2018.

Common Voting Shares

Only the Common Voting Shares (CVS) in the US company will be tradeable. Referred to as "treasury" shares, collectively these shares will represent the market value of the Co-Ops trading operations, including the value adding affiliates such as 177 East Ltd, Mataatua Macadamia Ltd, Manuka Oil Technology Ltd,  177 East Ltd and POI Honey Ltd. 

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Co-Op membership entry documentation

There are 12 steps to complete membership entry to the Co-Op. It starts with a landowners written authority to start the process and ends with the issue of shares to the landowners nominated entity. 

DOC-101 12-Steps to Grower-Producer entry (Password required) (pdf)


DOC-851 Manuka Oil farming yield 0319 (Password not req'd)) (pdf)


DOC-502A Manuka Harvesting-010519 (Password not req'd) (pdf)