our journey

Website inquiry submission

We lodged our application for funding via the MBIE website back in February of 2018 after the Ministerial launch announcement of that month.

Invited to make application

MBIE invite us to file an Expression of Interest for funding to determine whether or not our funding case was acceptable.

Formal funding application OK

MBIE responded with an approval of the EOI submitted on behalf of a Related Affiliate (Grower-Producer) member of the Co-Op and invited us to prepare and lodge a formal funding application.

3 rounds of questions

Over a period of three months, we received three rounds of questions following our application lodgement with the PGF Advisory Panel for their clearance / recommendation to submit for ministerial approval.

Cleared for Ministerial approval

In October of 2018, our application was cleared by the Panel for submission to the Ministers for their final approval and sign off.

The ministers decline approval

In November, 2018, we received a letter stating that the Ministers had declined the application because we had not arranged a 50/50 matching investment. (Not a requirement when the original application was filed!)

material application process documents

DOC-507 PGF-EOI NZ$1M KTL-Manuka Oil project 0518 (pdf)


DOC-508 PDU-Funding App-NZ$1M KTL-(Final) 0718 (pdf)


DOC-511-Q&A-1st questions from PGF #1-170818 (pdf)


DOC-511-A-Q&A-2nd round from PGF #2-120918 (pdf)


DOC-511-B-Q&A-3rd - final questions from PGF #3-250918 (pdf)


PGF Letter - Application response letter from the PGF 071218 (pdf)