Paeroa - gateway to half a billion $ industry

There is 720,000 ha of manuka/kanuka bushland in the North Island of Aotearoa, representing 6% of the total land mass. It is estimated that the Hauraki/Coromandel region comprises approximately 15% of this total, delivering 108,000 ha of manuka/kanuka bushland. A development that would provide an oil extraction facility to support Grower-Producer landowners throughout the district. 

 An expansion of capacity in the rohe that would help enhance the Hauraki District / Paeroa to become the manuka-kanuka capital of Aotearoa/NZ supporting what could potentially be a NZ$500M pa cooperative enterprise processing oil from Grower-Producer member owned bushland throughout the Districts.


General Whenua (land) Access


While much of the whenua in the rohe is general freehold land, Maori input into the project is essential due to the “Tikanga Compliance” process that is to apply to the growing and harvesting of the taonga and its processing through a cooperative structured enterprise owned and operated by landowners throughout the rohe who have (ideally) circa 100+ ha of manuka/kanuka covered whenua becoming Grower-Producer shareholder members of the Co-Op. Thirty three percent of a Grower-Producer’s manuka/kanuka would be harvested each year in keeping with environmental protection and the protocols of Tikanga.


20 year Taonga Supply/Harvesting Agreement


Paeroa is considered to be the ideal location to support a contract based harvesting operation. One that (1) starts with our launch harvesting team commencing cutting operations on Grower-Producer properties and then (2) trucking the raw foliage to the Paeroa facility for oil extraction through the distillation process. Building the Grower-Producer supplier base will be a relatively straight forward process as negotiations are “one on one” with general freehold landowners. A much easier negotiating party/process compared with the Maori freehold land system where multiple ownership often makes closing such arrangements a difficult, drawn out affair. No such impediment is faced by owners of general freehold lands.

PROTECT OUR WATERWAYS, improve bio-security & pollinate plants

Plant manuka & kanuka seedlings


Aotearoa/NZ is facing an ever growing number of bio-security risks.One of these is degradation of our waterways. Manuka helps mitigate this.

Build permanent "BeeVillages"


Co-Op Grower-Member landowners can also open permanent "BeeVillages" to help macadamia pollination and earn honey income.

Invest in a HoneyHut


BeeVillages that will be built with HoneyHuts owned by people around the world who support responsible income creation.  

Get farm-gate revenue for 20 years


Landowners will be paid for their manuka / kanuka foliage collected by the Co-Op from their farm gate.

Create income for whanau


Whanau owned whenua provides a great platform for the Co-Ops manuka and kanuka oil collection and extraction operations. 

Help rebuild rural communities


This Co-Op was a casualty of primary sector consolidation that marginalized rural Maori communities Out-East that must be rebuilt.

An invitation to join us out-east to plant 1,000,000 trees

The Business Plan prepared for the Waiotahe Macadamia whanau owned Micro-Agri-Biz has been completed and available as a template for the general information of those landowners "Out East" who would like to get a better understanding of the information required to support entry to the Co-Op as a Grower-Member Shareholder landowner. Contact us to inquire about learning what must go into a business plan to support enrty to the Co-Op as Grower-Member Shareholder landowner "Out-East".

DOC-802 HoneyHut program EOI Broch-0217 (pdf)


DOC-803 GMS (transacting Member) landowner EOI -0617 (pdf)


DOC-816 Human survival depends on HoneyBee Survival-0417 (pdf)


DOC-810 HoneyHut & Land packages Out-East-0317 (pdf)


DOC-810A Macadamia Seedling Pot (MSP) program -0617 (pdf)


DOC-811 Macadamia per ha yield table-0118 (pdf)


DOC-101 Entry Template (Password required) (pdf)


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