Pillar #1 Taonga Supply Agreement

Through the application of the principles of Tikanga Maori, the Co-Op provides the right structure for the creation of jobs for landowning whanau through long-term taonga supply agreements that accord with Tikanga Maori.  This purchase guarantee creates income opportunities for Maori landowners as productive people whose traditional ownership of land drives a desire to improve the living standards of their whanau  and to ensure continuity of ownership according to kaitiakitanga.  


Pillar #2 - Annual Farm Gate Price

For too long the native land titles system set up in Aotearoa/NZ during the colonial era has forced Native Title landowners to enter into economically subservient partnering arrangements with those who have access to capital. The Co-Op will be part of the change process as landowners move into a position of equitably contracted farm gate payments for product supply supported by profit sharing from a Co-Op that the landowners own. 


Pillar #3 Product Profit Sharing

 All Grower-Producer (transacting shareholder) whanau members of the Co-Op share in the profit distribution from the proprietary, value adding consumer products that form part of the value integration chain. This delivers extra incometo the Grower-Producer whanau through a dividend payment process. 


Pillar #4 Taonga Extraction Royalty

 Central to every Maori community across the entire country, is the Marae, many of which are in dire need of funds to repair, refurbish and/or upgrade in order to continue to provide the spiritual eco-sphere that a Marae delivers to its local community. The Co-Op will collect a 2.5% extraction royalty on all retail (value added) consumer product sales, based on the sales value of the value-added products (“Approved Products”) to a retailer and pay this into a trustee managed Marae Support Fund, (“MSF”) 


Pillar # 5 Transacting Member Shares

 Common Voting (Transacting Member) Shares are issued to a Grower-Producer whanau in accordance with the terms & conditions of the TSA. Currently the Co-Op has allocated 2,000 shares per contracted manuka carrying hectare under a 20-year TSA. Eric Lloyd is the first Grower-Producer member with 900,000 CVS representing .09% of the 100M shares reserved for issue to Grower-Producers that will see 50,000ha of mature manuka bushland under contract to the Co-Op delivering a $1B in wealth creationto members. 


50,000 ha is the 10 year kaupapa

"To deliver sustainable income and wealth generation for rural whanau-on-the-whenua by helping to rebuild economically marginalized rural communities through a whanau-on-the-whenua owned and operated, manuka focussed agri-biz cooperative enterprise