Mataatua Whenua Cooperative Ltd - our kaupapa


Creating jobs on the whenua

Through the application of the principles of Tikanga Maori, the Co-Op provides the right structure for the creation of jobs for landowning whanau. A business format that accords with Tikanga Maori. From the small holder through to the larger multi-ownership land blocks. Jobs that create income opportunities for elder, retiring Maori returning home to their whenua to enjoy their golden years. Not as "wards" of the State, but as productive people whose traditional ownership of land drives a desire to improve both their lot in later life and to ensure continuity of ownership according to kaitiakitanga.  


Developing whanau wealth from their whenua

For too long the native land titles system set up in Aotearoa/NZ during the colonial era has forced Native Title landowners to enter into economically subservient partnering arrangements with those who have access to capital. The Co-Op will be part of the change process as landowners move into a position of equitably contracted farm gate payments for product supply supported by profit sharing from a Co-Op that the landowners own. Capital that could so easily be made available to landowners through a fractional title system that enables whenua value enhancement. 


Rebuilding economically marginalized communities

The large scale industry consolidations across the primary sector in Aotearoa / NZ over the past 50 years has debased the economy of many farming-centric rural communities across the nation. Towns like Opotiki that once enjoyed good family incomes and job delivery that supported the local economy were marginalized by factory closures and the concentration of hugely disproportionate of local economic wealth into the hands of  a small ownership cadre. An expanding Co-op membership base in macadamia and honey production utilizing Maori treaty assets such as this old MOW site in Opotiki which the Mataatua group wants to use as a factory producing affordable "plug 'n stay" relocatable rooms / suites for placement on Maori whenua will help address this ever increasing societal issue, the rebuilding of rural communities.