(1) US$500k Post-Seed Round


NZ$750k (US$500k) will  (1) commence manuka oil extraction on Kohumaru Manuka Station in NZ and (2) open the manuka oil products distribution hub in Colorado.

(2) US$1M Series A Round


This sum has been committed by a US based Family Office to (1) increase oil production in NZ and (2) expand US distribution through a Denver fulfillment centre/pilot pop-up shop..

(3) US$500k Spread Group Raise


A retail investor based crowdfunding round of US$500k is proposed to support a P2P Share Price Discovery, share trading platform and launch product viral marketing activity.  



POST-SEED ROUND-Minimum Subscription-US$200,000 (NZ$300K)

A Private Placement Memorandum has been prepared, providing details of a private placement of 3.75M Convertible Capital Notes (CCN) by Mataatua Manuka Cooperative Ltd (MMCL)  priced at NZ$0.20c per each CCN. Full subscription of the Post-Series A round will deliver a 25.4% stake in MMCL in the event of conversion of the CCN. The founders preference is to secure the Minimum Subscription portion of the round from a single investor who can (1) commit some of their time as a working director of the Co-Op who works "on the company" thus (2) freeing up the founders to focus on working "in the company" to ensure that all goes according to plan.

DOC-842A-PPM Post-Seed round NZ$750k (P'word req'd) (pdf)


DOC-843-Pre & Post Money Value-worksheet-(P'word req'd) 0419 (pdf)


DOC-844-KPI & P2P Milestones-0619 (No password required) (pdf)


US BASED SERIES A round - US$1M (NZ$1.5M)

This was arranged by EzyXchange Ltd, a Colorado crowdfunding intermediary company registered with the Colorado Department of Regulatory Agencies (DORA) Division of Securities. The Round will be privately placed with a US Family Office as a follow-on to the Post-Seed round that (1) enables oil production to commence and (2)  the shipment of the first shipment to the Denver distribution facility. 

This round will be allocated as to 50% (US$500k) invested in NZ to expand the oil extraction capacity and 50% (US$500k) invested in the US to expand distribution capacity.




The Co-Op plans to file its "Statement of Foreign Entity Authority" to enable it to undertake a retail crowdfunding campaign in the USA to attract a number of smaller retail shareholders which provides a wider "spread" of shareholders. 

These shareholders will be classified as "Investor Members" of the Co-Op whose share trading activity will help to create interest in the Co-Op and its ongoing market value.

This campaign is planned to place 1M Common Voting Shares (CVS) priced at US$0.50cps, delivering circa 1,000 retail shareholders on the assumption that 500 folks on Main Street purchase 1,000 shares at a cost of US$500.


A large number of smaller retail shareholders seeking to trade their shares in the Co-Op through a P2P exchange will help to create Share Price Discovery that will support share trading between members of the Co-Op and members of the P2P exchange.

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