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Our first Maoritanga themed US Shop

 There is a huge interest in the USA in health, wellness, skin and body care consumer products that have a history of customary use by the original inhabitants of countries around the world. The commercial attaché of the NZ Consulate in Los Angeles has reported that the opportunities for natural resource products such as manuka honey and oil sourced from Maori customary whenua (land), continues to show strong growth. 

The test "Pop-Up Shop" will be setup in the Boca Raton area, providing the blueprint development concept for the pilot Retail Shop is located east of SH1 on SE 17th Street, the major road linking the CBD of Ft Lauderdale to its world-famous beaches and marinas that provide spectacular views of multi-million-dollar yachts from the many bars and restaurants in the area. The Retail Shop is in the heart of the booming Ft Lauderdale tourism industry precinct and its boating industry that draws huge numbers of tourists to the town. Compare this with Rotorua and its 1.2M visitors each year, a drop in the ocean compared to the 18M+ visitors that come to Ft Lauderdale every year. Probably one of the best locations on the East Coast of the US to set up a Maoritanga themed Retail Shop for branded, premium priced health, wellness, therapeutic, beauty and skin care consumer products that monetize a 1,000+ years of Maori culture, custom and tradition in a way that returns greater wealth back to the "Whanau-on-the Whenua" taonga Grower-Producer Co-Op members.

Tradition matters

 The  US customers of the pilot Retail Shop (wharenui), in Florida will come to learn about the history of the original, native people of Aotearoa/NZ as they shop amidst this hallowed cultural experience and learn of the importance of the “Meeting House” in the native (Maori) tradition and culture of Aotearoa 

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Supporting rural “Whanau-on-the-Whenua” through a Grower-Producer Cooperative enterprise)

Ask anybody in America, what image / perception of New Zealand comes to mind when talking about the country and they will tell you “the Maori people”. 

NZ Resource Taonga Corp (“NZRT”/ “Vendor”) is the Colorado incorporated holding company of Mataatua Whenua Cooperative Limited (Subject Company) the raw material product supply company to 177 East Limited in NZ, and a subsidiary of NZRT. MWCL was incorporated as an East-Coast based “Whanau on the Whenua” micro-agri-biz Grower-Producer cooperative enterprise with a socio-economic-centric, intergenerational kaupapa. One that seeks to maximize farm gate returns for Grower-Producers of resource taonga through value added consumer products. From May of 2015 through to September 30th of 2018, NZRT has invested US$171,500 in creating the Co-Op eco-system.

The cooperative business structure has been a natural part of the social structures and cultural relationships in the Māori world for centuries.

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While the pilot Retail Shop will never match the beauty of the magnificent wharenui shown above, it will help to instill into a shopper’s mind, a sense of understanding the importance of Maori meeting houses and their role in the culture and traditions of the original people of Aotearoa (NZ) that impacted on all aspects of life, including health and wellness. To evoke a perception of something unique and special from the moment a visitor sees the front door of the pilot Retail Shop!

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Trusted pLANTS From a trusted provenance-aotearoa/Nz



This rare honey is made from the nectar of the native Manuka plant (Leptospermum scoparium), which bees collect and transform into Manuka honey, highly valued for its rare and complex properties.



The potent nutrients in Mamaku extract are powerful antioxidants that support the skin from signs of aging including dark spots from sun exposure, as well as fine lines and wrinkles.



Rewarewa is used on people with illness related to depression or patterns of abuse. Good for the heart and blood. Traditionally, the leaves and bark were used for stomach pains and cuts

Manuka & Kanuka Oil


The health benefits of Manuka and Kanuka oil attribute to many active properties including monoterpenes, sesquiterpenes and triketone renown for their antibacterial, anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory, anti-histaminic and anti-allergenic. actives effective in atherosclerosis treatment.



Research shows that omega-3 present in flax oil reduces unhealthy blood fats, lowers blood pressure, decreases the likelihood of blood clots, maintains healthy cholesterol levels and eye health and reduces inflammation



Records of pohutukawa medicinal uses concentrate principally on the inner bark which, cut out where the rising sun strikes the tree, has been used in the form of an infusion to treat diarrhoea, dysentery and venereal disease,

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Grab the interest of US consumers

Through your packaging, tell the story (korero) behind how your products came to the market and why you ae proud to offer them for sale to health and wellness conscious consumers in the USA


Generate excitement in your products

Emphasize in your product lineup that one or more of the natural resource taonga (treasure) plants used in your products have a tradition of customary usage in accordance with Tikanga.


Be proud of your product whakapapa

Teach your customers the history of traditional Maori health and wellness in your rohe (region) of Aotearoa and its proven history of healing.

Approved Products Listing -Florida retail shop launch

Hair Care


Plant oils only found in  NZ

Skin Care


1,000 years in a bottle



This range is amazing!

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