Waiotahe Macadamia-a whanau/CO-OP micro agri-biz template

A view of Dawn's homestead - orchard to the left

Adversity breeds success

Dawn Biddle and whanau are an  example how a Maori family that is an ongoing casualty of discriminatory Native Title land law, malfeasance in the disbursement of their Govt housing money and no support from a Government that does not financially support small whanau owned agri-biz, never gave up hope. Their one hectare of whenua carries 300 mature macadamia trees that are expected to bring a gross NIS (Nut in Shell) revenue of $25,200 per ha yielding a net of $17,640 for the 2018 crop year. This is forecast to rise to $36,000 gross and $25,200 net in 2019 from 300+ trees as the orchard responds to the Whenua Nutrition Soil ("WNS") program developed for the Co-op by its contracted provider. 


Value-Adding - Revenue sharing revenue drivers

Boutique macadamia TMS (Transacting-Member Shareholder) landowners of the Co-Op earn additional income over and above the Annual Farm Gate Price ("AFGP") paid to them for their resource taonga through the  distribution of profits earned across all trading divisions of the Co-Op. The kaupapa of the Co-Op is to maximize the return to GMS landowners of the produce that is grown on their whenua.This extra income will provide financial opportunity for the entire whanau, including retiring whanau coming home to their whenua after a lifetime of working in the cities. A generation that with plug 'n stay lodging access will play a major role in whenua economics throughout their golden years. 


20 year macadamia tree revenue sharing package

Like thousands of Maori freehold land owners, Dawn cannot raise capital on her land to secure the money she needs to tidy-up and expand her  macadamia (300 trees) and olive (330 trees) orchard into a much more profitable micro-agri-biz. The Co-Op team set up a new SPV company to own and operate the orchard under Co-Op management. Set up as a 70/30 JV, Dawn and her whanau are the 70% controlling shareholders in the orchard SPV  company which has a 20 year NSA (Nut Supply Agreement) that guarantees Dawn & whanau income every year. An income producing template that will bring the same financial benefits to countless numbers of smaller whanau owned micro-agri-biz whenua "Out East"

share honey Revenue, improve bio-security & pollinate plants

Stop trucking hives & bees


Aotearoa/NZ is facing an ever growing number of bio-security risks. Stopping the trucking of honeybees is now a must.

Build permanent "BeeVillages"


Co-Op Grower-Member landowners will open permanent "BeeVillages" to help macadamia pollination and earn honey income.

Invest in a HoneyHut


BeeVillages that will be built with HoneyHuts owned by people around the world who support responsible income creation.  

Share the revenue for 20 years


Income that will be shared on a 70/30 basis with investors who buy the "HoneyHuts" that will help build the permanent "BeeVillages".

Create income for whanau


Whanau owned whenua Out-East provide the best platform for the Co-Ops macadamia 'n honey based income delivery contracts. 

Help rebuild rural communities


This Co-Op was a casualty of primary sector consolidation that marginalized rural Maori communities Out-East that must be rebuilt.

An invitation to join us out-east to plant 1,000,000 trees

The Business Plan prepared for the Waiotahe Macadamia whanau owned Micro-Agri-Biz has been completed and available as a template for the general information of those landowners "Out East" who would like to get a better understanding of the information required to support entry to the Co-Op as a Grower-Member Shareholder landowner. Contact us to inquire about learning what must go into a business plan to support enrty to the Co-Op as Grower-Member Shareholder landowner "Out-East".

DOC-802 HoneyHut program EOI Broch-0217 (pdf)


DOC-803 GMS (transacting Member) landowner EOI -0617 (pdf)


DOC-816 Human survival depends on HoneyBee Survival-0417 (pdf)


DOC-810 HoneyHut & Land packages Out-East-0317 (pdf)


DOC-810A Macadamia Seedling Pot (MSP) program -0617 (pdf)


DOC-811 Macadamia per ha yield table-0118 (pdf)


DOC-101 Entry Template (Password required) (pdf)


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