177 East - "Provenance you can trust"

Our range of macadamia based skin care products are formulated using organic macadamia oil grown east of the 177th meridian (177 degrees east).One of the few areas of the nation where local Maori landowners will go to great lengths to ensure that the use of chemical sprays in plant based crops does not destroy one of the most pristine areas of Aotearoa. To tell the story of our provenance, we support local childrens art activity in a rohe where nearly 70% of the population is Maori. Tangata Whenua who fortunately have been able to retain ownership of vast areas of native bushlands and whenua suitable for growing value adding plants that help to build the trust in provenance that is all too rare in the cosmetics industry today. "Provenance you can trust".

177 East - "Skincare that cares"

The pre-millennial generation wants to use pure plant based skin care products with a provenance that they can trust. All 177 East skin care products are manufactured by hand  east of the 177th meridian in Aotearoa. That beautiful area east of Whakatane through to the home of our macadamia nursery in Whanarua Bay.A rohe (region) recognized as having the best plant growing, semi-tropical eco-climate. One where the Maori landowners will not allow toxic chemical based plant sprays to be used. It is this care that enables users of "177 East" products to be sure as to the sanctity of the product. One whose provenance is trusted.

177 East - "Far from the toxic crowd"

Our nursery and hand manufacturing operations are based in Whanarua Bay. An area first settled by the Maori who landed in the region about 1,000 years ago as the very first inhabitants of Aotearoa/NZ. .